Why Renewable Resource ?

Electricity prices tend to rise unpredictably all over the country. Thanks to innovations in solar technology. Solar now more affordable for homeowners to switch into solar power with solar rebate.


Sun Energy to Money

We help you to save 100% on electricity bills.


Get Benefit of Subsidy

As per government guidelines you can get up to 40% subsidy on the solar system for your home.


Green and Clean Energy

1KW solar saves 154+ trees and prevents 20+ tons of co2 emissions which will help us to make the environment clean.

What We Do ?

Our services and process to get you solar panels

Design & Plan

We have the right engineering and servicing team who help you to achieve the clean energy goals. We inspect the project size, location, position, and inclination of solar panels. We also guide you about the process to get a subsidy and we are always ready to give you all the required information.

From planning to installation and maintenance get the complete solar package from us. We will give you the best according to your specific needs and lifestyle so that you get maximum output with minimum investment.

  • The best quality solar panels and structure.
  • Inspection of building height to avoid shadow profiling on solar panels.
  • Recommending optimal solar system by project area and past electricity bills.


We assure you that you will get the best quality solar panels which gives you the highest amount of output per kw. Our transporter will deliver solar panels to your premises with complete security and protection because we give first priorities to safety.

  • The solar panels and designed structure material will be at your place with the given time and date.


High-Quality structure and solar panels will be assemble at the project site by the experienced installer. The team will also install other required materials at place.

  • Solar system performance will check by the experts after completion of system to ensure the best efficient power generation of the system.
  • We mainly focus on customer satisfaction and given promises.

Multiple Packages Options

Solar energy witnesses new technologies every day. NEXTGEN ensures that our customers keep up with these and get only the best. The government provides different subsidy per KW and for that we've prepared pricing plans as per subsidy and your electricity usage. Solar system is perfect for residential, common and commercial property.

Upto 3kw

Subsidy upto 3kw

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Lock-in energy costs for years
  • Shading of your roof and associated cooling effects
  • Decrease carbon emission from the atmosphere.
  • Value added to home
More than 3.3 to 15kw

Subsidy from 3.3 to 15kw

  • Save Water.
  • Reduce India’s global dependence on Fossil Fuels.
  • Impact of Climate Change.
  • Reduces transmission & distribution losses in the grid.
  • Creates many local jobs in our nation.

  • Commercial solar panels are ideal for businesses of all sizes.
  • With solar power, businesses will be able to acquire a great return of investment.
  • Solar panels in commercial buildings help in improving their brand with a greener image.
  • By installing solar panels, commercial business owners can become part of a global movement.

Our Brands


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  • Enjoy your Bill Free Life with NextGen Energy Solar.
  • 25 years Performance Warranty on solar panels.
  • Contribute to Clean & Green Environment.
  • Save Earth by using Solar Energy in Daily Life.
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